We’ve grown a lot,
but we want to do more…

As part of a newly launched program from Chase, we’ve applied for a $150,000 Mission Main StreetSM Grant. Now we need 250 votes by Oct. 16th to move to the next round and be evaluated by their panel of experts.

Please help us realize our goal of changing the world of dementia care! This grant would give us the ability to help more families and change the way care is provided to those with dementia.

Thank you in advance for your vote and thank you for all of your support over the last 5 years!

Vote for DSG

Help us create more success stories. We can’t do it without you.

Jamie was able to accomplish in two months what I could not do in over two years: help my parents understand why they needed to move into assisted living! She successfully moved them into the community that best fit their needs and helped us understand dad’s dementia and what to expect. She put my mom in touch with services to help select appropriate furniture, move and settle them in the new apartment, take care of the home, and get it ready to sell. Her services are full scope and done with extreme care, consideration and honesty.Ericka C. Steuterman

Vote by Oct 16th and help us reach more families!