Memory Therapy

Dementia Services Group is proud to be Michigan and Indiana’s sole provider of the Ashby Memory Method (AMM), previously known as Cognitive Retention Therapy. AMM is an evidence-based dementia intervention program developed specifically for persons with mild to moderate dementia symptoms.

It is based on Dr. Mira Ashby’s original research on brain injury rehabilitation and her success in this field. Combining word exercises, visual stimulation, errorless learning, and many other techniques from Dr. Ashby’s early research, AMM creates personalized activities based on participant’s interests to stimulate all 5 senses.

AMM is a structured program of interactive thinking exercises and activities which can help the person living with dementia adapt better and longer to emerging symptoms of the disease.

AMM has been shown to improve dementia symptoms as well as quality of life for the individuals living with the disease as well as their caregivers.

AMM uses a person-centered care model, individualized to each participant’s interests and can be facilitated in any care setting.

AMM is not a medication so there are no side effects.

AMM helps promote:

  • Participant self-confidence and esteem.
  • Improved social interaction with family and community.
  • Greater awareness of personhood and self.
  • Increased enjoyment of activities and the creation of positive mood responses.
  • May reduce the need for psychotropic medications especially when used in conjunction with DSG professional training.
• As an agency owner, I really appreciated the depth of knowledge received in the DSG/IAHHC dementia training. It will assist me in providing improved client care. The dementia training was different than anything I have seen offered before. It provided not only knowledge on the basics of dementia, but provided tools and protocols that I can immediately put to use. More importantly, the education was specific to home care and the issues that pertain to the home environment. I would recommend this workshop to all those who care for clients with dementia.Theresa Reynolds, Director, SICIL Home Care