Services for Family Members

Dementia takes a huge emotional toll on the person with dementia and their families. Feelings of anger, guilt, denial, resentment, and grief can rip a family apart. We serve as an unbiased facilitator to help families through this difficult journey without judgment. We help families navigate the issues surrounding a diagnosis of dementia, cognitive impairment, or brain injury. Through advocacy, education, support, and advice, we help families understand their options and determine the best care plan for their specific situation. Caring for a loved one with cognitive impairment can leave you feeling scared, frustrated, overwhelmed, and alone.  We know … and we can help.

Jamie was able to accomplish in two months what I could not do in over two years: help my parents understand why they needed to move into assisted living! She successfully moved them into the community that best fit their needs and helped us understand dad’s dementia and what to expect. She put my mom in touch with services to help select appropriate furniture, move and settle them in the new apartment, take care of the home, and get it ready to sell. Her services are full scope and done with extreme care, consideration and honesty.Ericka C. Steuterman


Action Plan Development

This is a customized detailed plan designed by DSG based on the family’s specific needs. It outlines key recommendations, agreed-upon actions, as well as strategies for executing recommendations and plans.


Occasionally, family members may not agree with the care or recommendations of the home health agency or assisted living facility they are working with. DSG can intervene as an objective third party to assess the issues, determine solutions, and facilitate communication between the parties. Our intention is always to ensure the person with dementia is getting the best care available.

Assisted Living Facility / Home Health Agency / Memory Care

DSG will help you find the right assisted living, home health, or memory care option for your specific needs. We will meet with agencies with you and walk you through a detailed checklist to ensure your loved one will receive excellent care. We can also audit any agency you choose to work with at any requested frequency to ensure that you are receiving the care you were promised. DSG will ensure your loved one is being treated with the respect they deserve and that the living environment is clean and safe. DSG has a large network of these agencies but does not affiliate with any one agency so we can provide unbiased advice.


DSG will meet with family members to conduct an assessment in order to determine the best course of action for your loved one. We will assess the disease progression, evaluate potential safety issues, and understand the family’s needs, concerns, and wishes.

Calendar Management

DSG can manage your loved ones’ calendar for appointments, special occasions, and social events. Your Consultant can make appointments, arrange for transportation, and ensure that your loved one is reminded and prepared.

Development of Personal Health Record

DSG will put together a health care record containing emergency information, contacts, medications, physicians, insurance, medical history, and more. This information is essential in the event of an emergency, but is also very helpful for tracking patterns and assisting medical professionals with diagnosis.


Dementia can affect people both mentally and physically. The more educated loved ones are, the better able they are to support the person afflicted with the disease. Your Consultant will help you understand the scope of the disease and educate you on what to expect and how to best handle different scenarios and behaviors.

Facilitation of Communication with Family

Dementia affects the whole family, not just the person with the disease. DSG can help families come to agreement on care options, individual roles and responsibilities, and long term plans.

Family Support

With DSG you never need to feel alone. Dementia can cause extreme changes in personality and behavior as well as physical degeneration. Depression and anxiety are common in those suffering from dementia. Fear, frustration, anger, grief, and burnout are common in family members and care takers. DSG has great support resources we can refer families to.

Financial Review

DSG can help you understand your loved ones’ financial situation to determine the options for care and eligibility for government programs.

Long-Term Care Policy Review

Making heads or tails of insurance can be difficult as every single policy is different. DSG can review how and when to best utilize the benefits you are entitled to as well as file claims and follow up with providers as needed.

Management of Doctor Visits

Doctor’s visits can be frustrating if you don’t feel that your questions are being answered or you don’t know what to ask. Your Consultant can attend doctor’s visits with you and your loved one to make sure you are getting the information you need. If you cannot attend, your Consultant can represent your loved one to ensure accurate information is communicated to the physician.  The DSG Consultant will take detailed notes of the visit and submit a full report to the family. These notes will also be kept in the Personal Health Record.

Other Professional Resources

As part of the care plan, your Consultant will identify other resources you may need, such as legal, medical, financial, or insurance services. DSG has a large network of local providers that we trust and can recommend. Your Consultant will be available to attend appointments with these providers to ensure all your questions are asked and answered. DSG does not accept money for referrals in any way. When we recommend another provider to our clients, we do so because we believe that the particular provider will best suit your specific needs. We only recommend providers that we have met with personally and we believe are working with the same level of passion and integrity as we are.

Dementia Services Group and Jamie Wilson have been such a wonderfully supportive asset through the difficult issues that my brother and I have been experiencing. Jamie’s knowledge through her experience is so uplifting! She shows strength and empathy while providing information to use while dealing with such a difficult condition. I could not have made it this far without Jamie! While we definitely have a long, long road ahead, Jamie and DSG will definitely be part of our family forever!Cindy Hollcraft Lyles
The aging process is hard to explain until it collides with your life. It is challenging enough to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of running a household, but adding the role of becoming a parent to your parent(s) is a whole new dimension. Although I have been in the financial services industry for more than 25 years, I had no idea what to do with the healthcare initiatives we had prepared and signed for this very moment.

DSG did a world-class job helping me move forward. We were able to move when it seemed impossible. We were able to make decisions when all of the possibilities seemed impossible. We were able to help Mom when she couldn’t appreciate we were helping her. Without DSG’s help, these activities would have been significantly more difficult and no doubt more disruptive to everyone.

I cannot thank DSG enough for their role in helping us through this extremely difficult and emotional season. I highly recommend DSG’s services to anyone who needs help with their loved ones who struggle from dementia or Alzheimer’s.Keith A. Tyner, CFP Gimball Financial

Dementia Services Group is a private pay organization and does not accept insurance. However, long-term care policies often cover the cost of DSG’s care coordination services. Our team will coordinate the process and verify eligibility and bill the insurance company directly. For privately paying clients, we charge by the billable hour. Regardless of payment source, our first consultation is free with no obligation to move forward with services.