DSG knows how important providing good care is.  We want to help you and your organization be the very best you can be. 

Onsite Case Advisement

How many residents/clients do you lose each month to hospitalizations or transfers to rehab or other facilities? Keeping your residents/clients happy, healthy, and in their home is everyone’s goal. Our training can help providers prevent common unnecessary hospitalizations, however, in the event that an ER visit or hospitalization is needed, we are available to go to the hospital and act as an advocate on behalf of the resident/client. We know that even the best ER staff is often untrained in dementia care and this can lead to misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment plans, re-admissions, and less-than-optimal discharge orders. Our consultant will be onsite to advocate for the resident/client and work with the hospital staff to ensure that the family has a say in the treatment plan and that they get back home as soon as possible. We know some clients/residents need more care than even the best facility/agency can provide.  We can work with you and those families to help provide those extra touches:

  • Accompaniment to doctors appointments
  • Outcome-oriented care planning
  • Communication to family
  • Education for family and resident/client
  • Resource recommendations and management for added care

Family Services

Families dealing with a dementia diagnosis will encounter a multitude of challenges and emotions.  We know people do not always make the best decisions when they are in crisis and we can help you help them. Whether it’s just a little guidance or a comprehensive care plan, we can help get families on the right track.  We know each situation is different so we can customize our services to fit each family’s specific needs.

Consulting Services

In order for your organization to be the best it can be you have to do more than just provide great care – you have to run your business like a business.  At DSG we understand your industry and the challenges your business faces. We can help you develop everything from a strategic plan to simple tools to track key indicators and everything in between.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Crisis Review
  • Development of Key Indicators
  • Marketing Review
  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership Training
  • Change Management
  • ROI Review
  • Memory Care Audits

As a nurse of 20+ years, I can honestly say I never received any training like what DSG offers, even through all my years working in memory care. This is the training that will help us reduce behaviors and hospital admissions. This is the training that will help improve quality of care as well as quality of life. I wish I had gotten this type of training years ago.Susan Lindgren, RN
I am an RN and nurse consultant and am always on the look out for programs that I can recommend and also attend to broaden my knowledge base. I would highly recommend this program to any agency, company, or caregivers who are interested in an intense, engaging program that allows you to walk away with not only a new understanding of dementia, but hands-on tools for assessing and caring for these individuals that will impact their lives in a positive way. This training is different than any I have ever attended. I was interested and engaged every minute for 2 full days. I have attended a lot of workshops and trainings and this was the most beneficial and enjoyable.Rusty Diemer, RN, BS, First Horizon Consulting, Inc.