Services for Family Members

DSG helps families navigate all the issues surrounding dementia, traumatic brain injury, and brain disorders. We know each family is affected differently by dementia and each family has different needs. Therefore, our approach is to customize a unique plan designed to meet each client’s specific situation.

Services for Senior Providers

Training and Speaking

DSG has an extensive training curriculum and can offer organizations everything from short inservice trainings to comprehensive dementia certification. Although dementia and brain injury are our specialties, our RN trainers can also educate on such topics as fall prevention, managing co-morbidities, medications, and more. 

Consulting Services

DSG works with home health care agencies, assisted living facilities, hospice companies, and other providers to help them realize their greatest potential. Our business consultants are experts in strategic planning, cost mitigation, revenue optimization, leadership, and team building.

Now Available: Online Learning for Professionals and Families


I am very thankful to have been trained by the DSG team. As an Activity Director for an Alzheimer’s unit, I have found the information learned to be life and attitude changing. As every lesson passed, I found myself soaking up information like a sponge, and applying it when working with my residents. One of the greatest impacts in my personal understanding was when we studied “Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain.” Although I have had some education through the Alzheimer’s Association and in my activity training courses, nothing compared to the depths of information DSG presented. Not only did I understand each resident better, but also I could explain changes to their families confidently. DSG also tackled the taboo subject of sexuality! I was excited to see the staff move from cold and uncomfortable to relaxed and open by the end of the session. The instructors gave provided an open forum and many people shared their thoughts, fears, and suggestions. As a staff, our attitudes must change in the way we look at elder sex. DSG is helping this revelation become reality. DSG has also worked with our management team on an ongoing and intimate level. Our management team sessions incorporated quality team building, and gave us opportunity to grow as we assessed our weaknesses and strengths. We are now in the process of fine-tuning new strategies. Because of DSG, my patience has increased. I understand that “dementia is brain damage.” This little statement has changed the way I respond to residents’ behaviors and judgments. With new understanding, compassion flows, and patience comes easily. I feel I am better equipped to come to work everyday. Again, I am thankful to Dementia Services Group for helping me grow in my profession. I am a believer that training yields success. I look forward to more sessions!Rhema Glover. Keepsake Activities Director, The Hearth at Windermere